Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting  - 24, 25, 26 (regional webex) and 28 April 2017 (national webex)

This year we will be holding our AGM on webex for our members following our annual conference and awards.  As members know each year we try to squeeze the AGM between conference and awards ceremony and we want to have a more considered discussion about how people can get involved and steer what you do.  All members will receive an invitation by email to attend any one of the webexs.  We will gather ideas and share at a final webex and news.  We are actively looking for members in Scotland, Wales, mental health services and South West.  If you fancy taking on a national role with the committee, please let us know – we would love to hear from you.

There will be 5 regional web-exs for our members to join held between 24-26 April at different times to maximise your opportunity to attend.  We would like to we brief you about what we have been doing this last year for the AHCM.  However we really want your views for how we develop as an association going forwards and how we best support you.  Each webex area (Scotland/Ireland/Wales), North of England, Midlands and East, South and London will have a chance to discuss how we invest precious development resource and their hopes for the profession in their area or sector.  

All ideas will then be brought together for a national webex that any member can join

Please do get involved

Lynda Scott